A Chainsaw Execution, reprint

Best of Horror Library: Volumes 1 to 5

My short story “A Chainsaw Execution” (Horror Library Volume II, March, 2007), is reprinted in The Best of Horror Library: Volumes 1 to 5 (Cutting Block Books, May 2015).

I’ve always regretted the title I gave this story as it suggests there will be a detailed description of a chainsaw execution, but there is not.  I don’t like that sort of story and never have.  Instead, the focus for me was the denouement, which strives for a haunting note, or at least creepiness.

This is the last story I wrote and sold.  I’ve written others but have not shopped them around.  Writing short stories has always been like pulling teeth for me.  I find them very hard to do.  I can only admire authors who produce them with some regularity.

In A Chainsaw Execution, Stephen R. George walks an impressively delicate line between a first person narrative and losing the story to the character. Greyeyes is a chilling gang leader who punishes an invader from another gang with the most brutal of executions. The seriousness of the man s crimes is not that great, but Greyeyes demands an example to send back to the rival gang, the Tráiganos. But, as is usual for these stories, violence begets violence, and it’s not only the memory of the chainsaw execution which haunts Greyeyes. Neither the gore nor the musings of the narrator intrude upon this story, though the ending will haunt the hand shakes of those who read it.

— Joe McKinney , Skullring




Stephen R. George

Stephen R. George's first novel, Brain Child, was published in 1989, by Zebra Books, New York. He quickly became a stalwart of the Zebra Books horror stable, publishing 14 novels through the 1990s. His shorter works have appeared in a number of […]


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