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Jack Ellis books released as by Stephen R. George

  The Jack Ellis novels Seeing Eye and Nightlife have been released as eBooks by Crossroad Press, this time under my own name, which is a bit strange to see.  Zebra recommended the pseudonym, originally, for Nightlife, but when Seeing Eye appeared, written a year before Nightlife, it also came out under the Jack Ellis byline. […]

Adios, Elvis – a long time coming

Two-and-a-half decades ago (can it really be that long?), as a lark, I wrote a three-day-novel with my friend George Godwin.  We spent a weekend without sleep, in different rooms of my house, banging out chapters, one after the other.  What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time! Now, George […]

Stephen R. George

Stephen R. George's first novel, Brain Child, was published in 1989, by Zebra Books, New York. He quickly became a stalwart of the Zebra Books horror stable, publishing 14 novels through the 1990s. His shorter works have appeared in a number of […]


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