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seeing_eye nightlife

The Jack Ellis novels Seeing Eye and Nightlife have been released as eBooks by Crossroad Press, this time under my own name, which is a bit strange to see.  Zebra recommended the pseudonym, originally, for Nightlife, but when Seeing Eye appeared, written a year before Nightlife, it also came out under the Jack Ellis byline.  These were my last two books for Zebra; well, the last two that were published.  I signed another two-book deal, but Zebra shut down their horror line before they were released, and neither has seen light.

Both books were a lot of fun to write, and both have been re-printed a couple of times, coming out under both the Zebra and Pinnacle imprints at one time or another.

Covers of the eBooks are by David Dodd at Crossroad Press.  David seems to have a knack for creating effective, modern horror covers, yet somehow capturing the look and feel of 1980s horror.  I like that.

For comparison, check out the original covers below.  It’s strange that despite my intention to write an “anti-vampire” novel, it turned out to look like the quintessential vampire novel when Zebra released it.  No matter, it still remains the most popular of my books.


seeing_eye_original nightlife_original

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